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Wizarding Deposit Slips & Bank Book

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The Wizarding Bank Book measures 2.75 x 4.25 inches. The cover is card stock that is dark green or grey on the outside and cream colored on the inside. It has a gold foil logo on the front. Inside it has a place for the account holder to write in his or her name and address. We will also hand stamp a 5 digit account number on it in red ink. You can make up any 5 digit number you like. Inside are 4 double sided pages (total 16 pages) for the holder to enter balances in wizard money.

Also included is a book of 5 deposit slips. They measure 7 x 3 inches. Only the first slip is printed on a shimmering pearl paper. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th slips are printed on 25% cotton paper, and the last slip is printed on regular white paper. All 5 have the logo in gold foil. The foil may have a slightly speckled look. The very back page of the deposit slip book is black cardstock. It is gold in the photo, but unfortunately I ran out of the gold on the last run I did of these. The slips are stapled together, and the sides are perforated so that they can be torn out like a real check book!

*Note that the green cardstock has been discontinued so we will start using grey once the green is out of stock.

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