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*Purple Wizarding Bus Ticket

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Prove to your friends you have been a passenger on the wizarding bus! The best way to travel for the stranded witch or wizard! It's just 11 sickles from Little Whinging to London. This ticket is printed in red, purple, and black inks onto purple cardstock measuring 5 x 2.5 inches. There is an old-fashioned sketch of the triple decker bus in the background and the words "Knight Bus Ticket" are gold foiled. It comes in its own glassine envelope for safekeeping.

Bulk pricing is available on 12 or more that are exactly alike. These can be customized as wedding favors or save the dates with 2 first names printed in the upper left corner and the date in the lower right corner. To get the customization, you must order in multiples of 4 with 12 as the minimum (12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, etc) as they are printed and foiled 4 to a page. Please contact us after you order if you would like the names and date added. Note that bulk orders at discounted prices do not include the glassine envelopes.

The flawed ticket is half price because it has imperfections. Usually it has one or more areas of black where the foil didn't adhere. It can also be crooked or cut wrong. It's good for use as a bookmark, but you should buy the non-flawed version as a keepsake. Flawed tickets are not customizable or available for bulk pricing.

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