Wizarding Parties

Our wizarding parties are available on the weekends in Fairfield, Solano County, California for any occasion! We invite fans of the boy wizard to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, or any milestone with us. You don’t really need a reason! They can be just for fun too! Our party package for up to 8 guests is $795 and includes:

  • 2.5 hours exclusive rental of our outdoor venue + access to the Prefects’ restroom inside

  • Event Planner to organize 2.5 hours of old school (pun intended) party activities with a wizarding twist

  • Party Host/Character Actor for 2.5 hours to guide participants through all activities

  • 2 large pizzas from Pizza Twist

  • A custom cake from Rosanna’s European Delights

  • One 16oz drink per guest mixed at our non-alcoholic mimosa stations

  • One house color test tube per participant

  • One house color braided friendship bracelet per participant

  • One 1.2oz pack of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans per participant

  • One party favor sized container of slime (troll bogies) per participant

  • One gold or silver key per participant

  • Six faux coins in a pouch per participant

  • One mini gold foiled train ticket per participant

  • One Head Boy, Head Girl, Captain, or Prefect enamel pin for the guest of honor

  • Rental of our tables, chairs, cloth tablecloths, cloth napkins, gold stainless steel plates and forks, chargers, cake knives, cake stand, and candle

  • Staff to shop for all supplies and order/pick up cake and pizzas

  • Staff to set up and break down tables, chairs, activity stations, and banners

  • Staff to wash all dishes and linens afterward

  • Closure of our shop to walk in customers for the duration of your party so it is truly a private and immersive VIP experience


Our parties take you through the first year of wizarding school and feel a bit like summer camp mixed with a little live theater. Participants will be sorted into 4 teams of 2 and will compete for house points. We handle everything so that the hosts can relax and enjoy themselves. Parents/Guardians/Hosts need only bring a camera for photos and guests need only to bring gifts for the guest of honor (if applicable). Our party hosts plan out every minute of your visit and will provide you with a schedule. They have experience in live theater and working with children, have been fingerprinted, and have passed basic First Aid and CPR. However, at least one chaperone over 25 years old is required to stay if there are any guests under age 18. We do not book more than one party at a time so you will never have to share the outdoor space or your party host.  (Parties are not just for children. Whether the guest of honor is the same age as a first year student or a venerated Headmaster, we welcome you!) 

*Many extras can be added on: Personalized invitations and thank you notes, acceptance letter for the guest of honor, Jelly Belly Harry Potter candies, travel ticket replicas, wands, mini philosopher stones, butterscotch beers, wizarding newspapers, slime, additional pizzas, and additional characters. With each party you book you are supporting several downtown Fairfield businesses (Legendary Letters, Rosanna’s Bakery, Pizza Twist, Slime World, and more) and we greatly appreciate it! You can also choose to add on a special wizarding character from My Once Upon a Time! (See details on the booking page.)

Check out this quick video tour of our space and party set up hosted by our own Professor Hunter.






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