Terms & Conditions

By ordering from our site, you agree to our Terms of Service.  They are standard for printers and other personalized gift businesses:

1. Due to the personalized nature of our products, no returns are accepted and no refunds issued. You understand that once we receive and fulfill an order, our resources are consumed and can not be used again. Buyer will be charged a reshipping fee if items are lost or returned by the post office for incorrect or incomplete address, unclaimed, refused, or any other reason. You may choose any new trusted address you wish to ship to. Local customers who choose the pick up option are responsible for picking up their orders before the scheduled holiday, birthday, or event they are needed for. No refunds will be issued for orders that weren’t picked up in time or at all. (If you can’t come by during our normal hours, lets us know and we may be able to make an after hours appointment for you. You may also change your mind and pay for USPS shipping if you are unable to come by the shop.)

2. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged mail. You may purchase reprints of any item that you previously ordered (with no changes) at the discounted rate of 50% off the original price if you need a duplicate. You may also purchase insurance with your order if you are concerned your items may not make it to you in good condition or at all. We will offer you a choice of a replacement or a refund once your insurance claim has been approved by USPS. 

3. Errors on an item will be replaced with a corrected version. Typos/errors that are on the order, personalization form, or messages from the buyer will be charged a 50% reprint fee. Please proofread your answers before submitting. Legendary Letters is not responsible for any errors or omissions submitted by the buyer through personalization forms, payments, or communications.

4. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any, or no, reason whatsoever. The legality of copy, text, and/or photos furnished to Legendary Letters for printing is the sole responsibility of the buyer or person making the printing request.

5. Each item is custom made and may vary slightly from images posted on the site. We may need to take creative license with the positioning of personalized text and other attributes of our items so that they look their best. We may correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc. if we catch any errors or to make the item(s) look better. If you purposely misspell something and want it kept that way, please contact us and let us know. Note that any foul or hurtful language submitted with personalization will be edited out as all our items must be G rated.

6. Items with wax seals and chocolate may melt if they travel though warm weather. Unfortunately, we have no control over this and can not be held responsible. Please wait to order if temperatures are expected to be warm. (It’s best to order chocolate  only in Autumn & Winter).

7. Many of our items have postmarks or other special markings that are created with real rubber stamps which means each impression will vary. Some may be more clear than others. This makes our items more authentic and real looking.

8. Our processing time is normally 1-3 weeks before we mail your items. You must add this time to the shipping speed quoted to get an accurate estimate of arrival.

9. We are located in the United States. International recipients are responsible for customs fees levied by their home country. If international mail is returned because customs fees were not paid and/or the item was not picked up, no refunds will be issued. If you are sending something as a gift, you should send it to yourself first so you can pay any tariffs and not the gift recipient.

10. Unfortunately, most of the fonts we use for our items do not have the special characters used in many languages such as accent marks, tildes, cedillas, etc. We apologize for the inconvenience and promise to use them whenever possible, but we may need to use a different font than the ones shown in our photos. If you absolutely want the fonts shown, please leave off the special characters when filling out the form.

11. By ordering from our site, you are agreeing to our Shipping page and Privacy Policy as well as these Terms and Conditions.

12. We have a zero tolerance policy for incivility. If we receive any communications containing harassing, threatening, bullying, belittling, or profane language we will immediately cease all interaction.

13. Most of our items are replica props meant only for display. If you choose to use them as toys, for cosplay, for live performances, or any other use, they may become damaged. Note that they are sold as is with no warranty. Only insured items are covered for damage in transit. Damage must be reported immediately so we can file a claim with the carrier. Keep all packaging materials for inspection or the claim will be denied.