Add the processing and delivery times together
to get an accurate Estimated Time of Arrival

Currently our processing time is:
1 week for 2d paper items, edible treats, and jewelry
2 weeks for small 3d items
3-4 weeks for invitations, large orders, and large 3d items.
If you purchase multiple items, please use the longest processing time as we will wait and ship all items together.

Once shipped, average delivery times for the US are:
1 week for 1st Class mail
3-5 business days for Priority
2 business days for Express

Delivery times for International* orders are:
2-6 weeks for 1st Class mail
2-3 weeks for Priority
1-2 weeks for Express

**We have been getting reports that some international mail is taking 3-4 weeks longer than these quotes due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Times will depend on if there are delays in transit , customs, or quarantine. Even domestic mail within the United States may be delayed a week or two due to the pandemic. All international mail services can take up to 6 weeks to clear customs in normal circumstances.

Neither Legendary Letters nor USPS can guarantee delivery times as delays can occur. The buyer assumes responsibility for ordering in enough time for a special occasion or event. We recommend ordering at least 1 month in advance for US customers and 2 months in advance for International whenever possible. 

Once we print the shipping label, you will receive an email from with the tracking number. Note that USPS quotes unrealistic delivery times both on our site and in email notifications to you. Their quotes are only valid between 2 large cities. We are not in a large city which adds at least 1 extra day in transit. If you are not in a large city either that will add more time. Our quotes above have been proven accurate since 1996. Use ours to be sure your item(s) arrive in time. 

We ship to the shipping address specified on the payment.**  Please make sure the address you enter is correct. Returns or lost items due to incomplete or incorrect addresses will be charged for reshipment. If you choose to have an item sent directly to the recipient, note that we do not include a packing slip or anything that states the name of the buyer. Many people want our items to arrive anonymously as if they were really from magical beings. If you would like the recipient to know it is from you, we recommend having it shipped to your address so you may hand deliver it (or be sure to tell the recipient that you ordered it and to expect it).

**The only exception to the rule is items that are shipped in an envelope with a stamp (letters from Santa Claus, letters from the Tooth Fairy, letters from the Easter Bunny, etc. and Telegrams). The personalization form will specify if it will be mailed directly to the recipient on the form or if it will go to the shipping address on the payment.

We are located in the United States. International recipients are responsible for customs fees levied by their home country. If international mail is returned because customs fees were not paid and/or the item was not picked up, no refunds will be issued. If you are sending something as a gift, you should send it to yourself first so you can pay any tariffs for the gift recipient. Note that some countries (India, Pakistan, Poland, and the Czech Republic are a few we know of) require you to obtain an import license / permit to receive anything from another country (even if it is a gift or for personal use). Be sure to check with your postal service if you are unsure if you need an import license or permit. We are unable to issue a refund if your country confiscates your item(s) due to the lack of one.

The USA has free trade agreements with Australia, Bahrain, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Israel, Jordan, South Korea, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, Oman, Panama, Peru, and Singapore. Some countries we have free trade agreements with still charge a tax (example: the Australian 10% GST tax). Some of our customers in countries that the US does NOT have free trade agreements with have reported that they are charged the same amount in fees as the value of the item(s). For instance, if a customer orders something for $25 on our site, he or she may be expected to pay another $25 in import fees upon delivery. Please factor this in to your costs when ordering. As of January 1, 2021 we can only ship to the UK through our Etsy shop as we do not have a VAT number. If you know your country charges a VAT or GST, you can order through our Etsy store and they will handle that automatically for you. It may get to you faster if you prepay those taxes.

The post office can not deliver on a specific day. You may have the item sent to you or to someone in the recipient’s household to hold until a specific day if needed. If the item is being sent outside the USA, tracking may show as delivered when the US Post Office turns it over to the International Post Office (and it may take an additional 2 weeks or so to actually be delivered to the recipient). In many cases, tracking ends once the item leaves the United States as most countries do not report back to

Please note that we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged mail. If you are concerned that your item(s) will not reach you in good condition, we highly recommend that you add insurance to your cart. If insurance isn’t purchased, the buyer assumes all responsibility for the item(s) safe arrival. We use the United States Postal Service to deliver your items. About 1% of the orders we send out are lost or delayed. When that happens, we will ask USPS to create a research case to find the item. If they are unable to find it within 2 weeks, we will file an insurance claim (if you purchased insurance). Once the claim is approved (normally in about 2 weeks), we can send you a replacement. If you prefer, you may reorder right away, and we can issue a refund for the first order when the claim is approved.

We use the United States Postal Service to deliver your items. Most of our items ship flat in photo mailers or bubble envelopes. International customers, If your item contains a 3 dimensional item, you will need to select a package rate. The International Envelope rate is only for small flat paper 2 dimensional items. If you know that your area normally experiences extreme weather when your item is expected to arrive (an example is the rainy season in Australia or hurricane season in the eastern US), please contact us to let us know. We may be able to simply place your item inside a ziploc bag or we may recommend that you upgrade to a box. There may be an additional fee, but the added protection will be worth it. Again, we always recommend adding the insurance as well just in case anything unexpected happens in transit.

In extremely high temperatures, Wax Seals and Chocolate candy items may melt in transit. We recommend waiting to order until any heat waves pass. In summer months, be very careful when opening the outer envelopes in case wax seals stick. For chocolate items, we recommend ordering only in Autumn and Winter and putting them in the refrigerator for a few minutes after they arrive before opening. The shape may not be perfect after solidifying, but they will still taste great!

UPDATE: We now offer curbside pick up and local delivery for residents of Fairfield or Suisun in California.

CURBSIDE PICK UP: You will receive an email once your order is complete. Please reply to that email with the day and time during our normal business hours that you would like to pick up as well as the license plate of the vehicle you will be in. We will keep an eye out for your vehicle at that time. Please open your trunk for us to place your order inside and then get back into your vehicle keeping windows rolled up. Then we will walk out to your car with your order, and close your trunk (let us know if you would rather close it).  If you need to reschedule, please email us at least 24 hours beforehand.  

LOCAL DELIVERY:  You will receive an email when your order is complete. Please reply to that email with the day and time during our normal business hours that you would like it delivered. An adult must be present to accept the delivery, and please double check that the address on your order is correct. Our driver will leave your order on your doorstep, ring the bell, and step back at least 6 feet. The driver will wait for an adult to bring the order inside. If nobody answers, the driver will bring the order back to Legendary Letters for you to pick up at another day and time. Please make sure that there are no animals, locked gates, groups of people outside, or anything else that would prohibit the driver from reaching your front door. If driver is unable to deliver, the order will be returned to our shop, and there will be no refunds on the delivery fees or orders. We will only attempt delivery one time and then it becomes the responsibility of the buyer to pick up at our shop, so be sure the day and time you pick will work when scheduling. If you need to reschedule, please email us at least 24 hours beforehand.