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Diploma to any Fictional / Wizarding School

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Send that special wizard fan in your life a personalized Diploma to any fictional school*. If you select the college option, you may specify the degree earned as well as the Major. Each is printed in color ink on natural parchment paper measuring 8 x 5 inches. Personalized with any Student's name and the date of graduation and Headmaster/Headmistress signatures printed at the bottom.

It comes in a cardstock folder that has a foil crest on the front. Note that due to the texture of the cardstock, there may be slight imperfections in the foil (dark areas which show through). Diploma will have a clear plastic sheet over it and will be attached to folder with gold photo corners. It will be mailed in a plain inner envelope for presentation to the student inside an outer envelope with shipping label.

*We can not print diplomas with the names of real schools. School name must be fictional.
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