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Prophecy Orb Replica Prop

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Light Up Prophecy Orb

We made this for our son's wizard themed birthday party. It is a glass ball with some cloudy material in it atop a wooden box which measures approximately 4" wide, 4 " long, and 2" high. Underneath the box is the fiber optic mechanism. By flipping the on/off switch you can make it light up red, green, blue, purple, or have it change between all the colors. In the photo it shows blue light which is my favorite. The label is printed in red and black ink onto parchment paper. If you like, we can change the bottom name to whatever name you like. Maybe this could be a new baby gift for parents that are big boy wizard fans?

You can also upgrade to a deluxe version with gold corner protectors and a custom message up to 20 words instead of the 2 names.

We offer a version with a green glittery base as a crystal ball too. You may choose the base you'd like in the options.

*Note that the cloudy material is difficult to get inside the orb evenly so we will put the best side at the front where the label is. The other sides may show show gaps where the material did not completely fill the orb. (See last photo)

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