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Wizarding Daily Newspapers

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Brand: elfstacy
MPN: elf1116

Please note that this item can only ship with other flat 2 dimensional paper items. If you would like any of our 3 dimensional items as well, please place a separate order.

Choose 1 Daily Newspaper replica. Each measures approximately 11 x 17" inches closed (22 x 17 inches open), and has gold foil accents in the headline. You may view the front, back, and inside of each edition in the photo gallery. Printed on recycled paper for durability, there are 9 editions plus a one page poster of the 1920's American newspaper. The American one is priced for less since it is a poster with nothing printed on the back side. It measures slightly wider at 11.5 x 17 inches.

1 -Break-in

2 -Escape

3 -Terror at the World Cup

4 -Bulgaria Vs Ireland

5 -Special Edition Tournament

6 -Mass Breakout

7 -He who must not be named returns

8 -Dark Secrets

9 -New Headmaster

10 - Dark Secrets with Your Own Custom Headline

11 - Magical Disturbances Poster

*Note that the foiling process isn't perfect and there may be areas where the foil didn't adhere.

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