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Wizarding Christmas Dance Ticket

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This Yule Ball ticket for 2 measures approximately 5.5 x 3 inches and is printed on a semi-translucent vellum paper stock. Everything is silver-foiled, and the entire ticket can be machine cut around the edges to conform to the Kremlin style castle border if you like. The text says, "Admit Two" and Yule Ball to celebrate Christmas 19:00 hours Christmas Day Great Hall. Although not shown, each ticket will be placed into a glassine envelope for safekeeping.
If you would like to change the wording, we do accept custom orders for 3 or more tickets. Customization can be anything you like as long as it does not exceed the original number of characters/spacing. Wholesale pricing is available on orders of 12 or more. You can choose to have us machine cut around the edges or we can send it to you uncut so you can do it yourself. Note that the last photo shows a ticket cut by hand with scissors which you can do at home yourself if you order the uncut version.
*Note that the foiling process isn't perfect and there may be tiny areas of black showing through. We also offer discounted flawed tickets where the black areas are more extreme and noticeable. If you'd like the flawed version please check our other listings.

We offer price breaks at 12 and 100. Note that bulk orders at discounted prices do not include the glassine envelopes.

We also offer this as a miniature for 18" dolls.

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