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Tooth Fairy Telegram

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Brand: ElfStacy
MPN: elf1075

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Send a child you love a personalized telegram from the Tooth Fairy. This is a reproduction of a vintage telegram from the 1940's. It can say anything you like up to 30 words. Telegrams are printed on parchment and will have a faux Fairyland postmark and the envelope flap will be embossed with the official seal of the Tooth Fairy. It's a great gift for a child who recently had a visit from the Tooth Fairy or is expecting one. It's also good as a way for the Tooth Fairy to apologize if she was late making a visit, which sometimes happens!

*It will go to the shipping name and address on your order in an outer envelope with tracking. You may take the letter out and put it with your mail or leave it somewhere for the recipient to find.

Disclaimer: This is not a real telegram and is not hand delivered. It is a half letter sized post card / greeting card and will be delivered by USPS.

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