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Tooth Fairy Receipts & Envelopes

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You get 3 personalized original receipts from the Tooth Fairy and 3 duplicate yellow receipts for your records. Include one along with the money she leaves. Each receipt is approximately 7.5 x 3.5 inches. It will be personalized with the child's name and address, and is printed on duplicate NCR carbonless paper so you keep the yellow part and place the white in the envelope.

Your personal Tooth Fairy will need to fill in the amount left, the date, and sign it as each tooth is lost. The receipts all have been embossed with the Official Seal of the Tooth Fairy, and numbered in the upper right corner. Numbers on each of the 3 receipts will vary greatly as the Tooth Fairy should have made many stops between each lost tooth. The receipts are stapled into one booklet and have been perforated for easy tear out. Your child will never doubt that the Tooth Fairy exists and it makes for easy recordkeeping too!

Included are 3 yellow "Tooth Deposit" envelopes for your child to put his or her tooth in and 3 white envelopes that say "Thank You" which the Tooth Fairy can use to leave money and the receipt (with full package only).

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