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Tooth Fairy Door Magic Portal to Fairyland

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This little door comes in a girl and boy version and you may choose basic or sparkly.

BASIC: Each door is painted baby blue or pink and comes with a matching mailbox. The basic version has a crystal door knob while the sparkly version has a gold door knob.

SPARKLY: The girls' is painted white and then highlighted with light sparkly pink paint on the inner panels and dark sparkly pink paint on the face. The boys' version is also painted entirely white and then highlighted with blue sparkly paint in the inner panels and a turquoise sparkly paint of the face. Both the front and back of the door are painted. The white lintel above also has sparkly glitter glued to it. The sparkly version does not include a separate mailbox.

Each door comes with a gold knocker, door knob with key, and mail slot. This can be mounted to the wall near your child's bed with double sided sticky foam tape (not included) so that the Tooth Fairy can enter from Fairyland when she comes to collect a tooth. The doors work in the same way that the doors in Monsters Inc do. They can only be opened from the inside with magic when it's necessary. Each measures approximately 8 inches tall x 4 inches wide.

*BONUS: For a limited time we will include a free vial of fairy dust.

If you choose the DIY option, you will receive an unfinished door, door knob, mail slot, knocker, and key. The bonus vial of glitter is not included and you will need to provide your own paint, glue, and glitter.

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