We handle all outgoing mail for the magical community! Place requests for personalized greeting letters from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Cupid, the Tooth Fairy, the Wizarding World, and more! Due to the pandemic we can’t have walk in customers, but we offer curbside pick up  and delivery through USPS. Our catalog will load below:

Starburst Sticker Embossed Seals (20)

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We have often been asked by our customers to offer our gold embossed starburst seals separately. Now you may purchase a set of 20 in any of these designs for your own projects:

Official Seal of Santa Claus

Official Seal of the Easter Bunny

Official Seal of the Tooth Fairy

Official Seal of Cupid

Chocolate Factory Official Seal

Sunnydale School District Seal

Wizarding Government Official Seal

Ribbons and certificates not included. This listing is for 20 stickers of the embossed design of your choice. All must be the same in each set of 20 ordered.

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