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Sci Fi Insignia Notecard

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Brand: ElfStacy
MPN: elf1072

This custom postcard is inspired by the classic Sci Fi TV series. Each is printed onto blue, red, or yellow cardstock in shiny metallic gold foil on the back. It's very hard to photograph the gold foil. Any variations in color you see are items reflecting in the mirrored surface. On the front, is a gold foil insignia hand cut sticker. Each measures approximately 5.5 x 4.25 inches and comes with a matching A2 envelope.

The back can say anything you like up to about 50 words. We recommend getting a gold metallic or gel pen to address the envelopes (not included).

*Note: The gold foil process is not perfect and there may be tiny areas of black showing through occasionally. If you order more than 12 to use as birthday invitations or save the dates, you may select a mixture of all 3 colors.

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