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Royal Wedding Invitation Souvenir Reproduction

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Type: ElfStacy
MPN: elf1064

William & Kate or Charles & Diana wedding invitations:

Our recreation of the royal wedding invitation is printed on white cardstock measuring 5 x 7 inches. Queen Elizabeth II's royal cyper at the top is gold foiled, and you will also receive a gold foil lined white A7 envelope complete with your own address printed on the front in a script font. The original invitation would have been addressed by the royal calligrapher on the blank line. We will leave it blank for you to fill in yourself (or to find a calligrapher).

The envelope flap will have the royal crest in red as well as the Lord Chamberlain at Buckingham Palace as the return address. It will be sealed with a gold crown faux wax seal. Note that the 3rd image shows Charles & Diana's envelope which is the same except it says St. James Palace.

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