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Light Up Shivalinga Sankara Stone

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This handmade sankara stone is cast in clear resin and then painted brown on the back so the entire stone looks solid in daylight. However, there is an led light in the base. When you twist the bottom of the light it goes through a variation of colors. The 2nd photo shows it glowing red and the 4th photo shows blue. At night when you turn it on it will be like the diamond inside is glowing just like the ones in the Temple of Doom film. Would make a great night light for any adventure movie fan!

The stone itself it about 4.5 inches tall. The wooden base it sits upon measures 4.5" L x 4.5" W x 2" H. Also included is a piece of the Shivalinga cloth (that the boy brings back to the village in the film). Each will vary. Some may only have writing while others may have part of the painted image.

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