We handle all outgoing mail for the magical community! Place requests for personalized greeting letters from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Cupid, the Tooth Fairy, the Wizarding World, and more! Due to the pandemic we can’t have walk in customers, but we offer curbside pick up  and delivery through USPS. Our catalog will load below:

Letter from the Tooth Fairy

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*This item requires a personalization form. Please submit one here:

Know a little one who has just lost a tooth or is about to lose one? Why not ask the Tooth Fairy to write him or her a personalized letter?

We print on colorful letterhead in a handwriting font, include a small surprise like a sticker or tattoo, and postmark from Fairyland. These letters bring a lot of happiness to children.

Each letter has tons of information. Children will be amazed that the Tooth Fairy knows so much about them! For each letter ordered, we need the sender to submit this information:

*Please note that the item is mailed directly to the recipient. All letters going to the same household at the same time will ship in the same envelope so they will all arrive together and there is no possibility that the postal service will lose or delay one.

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