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Edward & Bella Wedding Invitation

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Brand: ElfStacy
MPN: elf1083

Our rendition of Edward and Bella's wedding invitation is printed onto white cardstock measuring 5 x 7 inches. The border and decorative accents at both top and bottom are silver foiled, and it comes in a silver foil lined envelope printed with your name and address on the front! Fool your friends into thinking you were really invited to the ceremony! The back of the envelope is sealed with the Cullen crest seal in red faux wax.

The movie date was 2011, but it would have been 2006 in the book. You may choose whichever you like best.

*Bulk pricing and customization is available for 12 or more with the exact same wording/date if you would like to use these as personal invitations, save the dates, or announcements. Envelopes will arrive blank for you to hand address to your guests.

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