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Candy Walking Cane Replica, Contract, & More!

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This replica prop walking cane measures approximately 37 inches tall. The cane itself is clear and filled with tiny candies. The top is hand painted with either purple & white or black & white, and the bottom is a black tip. Our old style topper was perfectly round (as shown in the photos of Elf Hunter), but we now have a new molded swirl topper (first photo). If you purchase the cane, the digital files described below are included at no extra cost.

*Important: These canes are props made for display only and are fairly fragile. If you plan to use it with a costume, hold it carefully and be sure that no weight is actually put on the cane or else it may crack. We are not responsible for any damage that occurs after its safe delivery. (It does go insured though so be assured that any damage that occurs in transit and is promptly reported is covered.)


The digital file package gives you everything you need for the perfect candy-themed party or live theatre production. You will receive 2 .pdf files of the contract which you may have printed at any size you wish. One has the original 2 signature boxes and the other has one large signature box (requested by & designed for Paris Themmen/Mike TeeVee). You will also receive a .jpg file of the Lickable Wallpaper hand drawn and colored by James Rose which can be printed on several sheets and glued together to make several long wallpaper strips. You will also get a .pdf of the Cream sign. Lastly, you will receive a .jpg of a gift tag that says "You can even eat the dishes". You will see on our blog that we made edible tea cups and put these tags on them. You may print at wallet size 9 to a page or business card size 10 to a page and cut out.

Bonus: Now includes .jpg files for the Fudge Mallow, Scrumdidilyumptious, and Regular candy wrappers.

*By purchasing these files you agree to use them only for private use. Commerical use, selling or sharing these designs, or offering them online is not permitted. (Theatre companies may use them for live productions). Please note that this item only ships within the USA.

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