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Building Block Video Game Valentines digital files (6)

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Brand: ElfStacy
MPN: elf1049

James Rose hand drew these valentines for our son to take to school and we thought others might enjoy them too! We offer here 2 .pdf files of 6 valentines total. They are:
1. (Creeper Don't be creeped out that I want to be your valentine)
2. Skeleton (You shot your way right into my heart)
3. Zombie (I eat brains, but I'll take your heart)
4. Spider (I'm trapped in the web of romance)
5. Ghast (I'm aghast that you won't be my valentine)
6. (Be Mine craft, Valentine)

We printed ours on a color laserjet (vs. an inkjet) and they came out really pretty and glossy. Each measures approximately 4 x 5.5 inches when cut, and will fit inside an A2 envelope if you wish. Once you download the files, just print as many as you need on to white cardstock. Then hand cut around them. Address each and tape a lollipop to the back and you're good to go. Perfect for little video gaming fans!

If you don't have a color printer, you may take the files to a place like Kinko's, Office Max, or Staples and ask them to color photocopy them onto cardstock for you. For a class of 30 children, you would only need 5 copies of each page.

If you would like us to print and cut them, we offer the cards with envelopes in another listing.

*By purchasing this item you agree to use it only for private use. Commerical use, selling or sharing this design, or offering it online is not permitted. Thanks!

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