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Blue Police Box Notecard silver-foiled

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Brand: ElfStacy
MPN: elf1012

This listing is for 1 custom notecard depicting a blue police box like the one used in a popular British Sci Fi TV show. Each is printed onto blue cardstock in shiny metallic silver foil. It's very hard to photograph the silver foil. Any variations in color you see are items reflecting in the mirrored surface. Doors fold open to reveal the details inside. Card measures approximately 5.25 x 3.75 inches and comes with a matching blue A2 envelope. In the 3rd photo you can see that I trimmed the top of the one with the doors open. Yours will come rectangular , but you may custom cut as you wish. I am not the best at precision cutting, so will leave that to you.

The inside of the one in the photos was used as an invitation and says:


It's Timey-Wimey to celebrate

Logan's 7th Regeneration

Saturday, July 27th

805 Jackson Street, Fairfield

1 o'clock in the afternoon

RSVP 707.426.3459"

You may change the above to anything you like as long as it remains 25 words or less.

We recommend getting a silver metallic or gel pen to address the envelopes (not included). Bulk pricing is available on 12 or more items with exactly the same text. Many people use these as birthday invitations or save the dates.

*Note: Since taking the photos, I have updated my design so that the poster on the lefthand door has fonts similar to the real ones. You may also request to have the St John Ambulance logo on the righthand door if you like.

Would you like wax seals to go with these? Click on the Adventure wax seals below and select the police box. If you add the highlights for $1 more, it will have silver rubbed on each one to bring out the details of the embossing.

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