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Basilisk Fang, Blood, and Diary Handmade Set

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Product Details
Brand: ElfStacy
Model: Basilisk Fang, Blood, and Diary Set
MPN: Elf1005

Basilisk Fang, Blood, and Diary Set

You get a fang made of sculpey and aged to perfection. It measures approximately 11 inches from tip to end following the curve. You also get a 4" glass vial with black screw cap filled with Basilisk blood. The vial has a tag marked "Basilisk Blood" tied to it with twine. The diary is a black book which has been varnished (it can't be opened) and drilled. Ink and gold paint have been spilled on it to simulate damage.The fang, vial, and diary are packed in straw inside a handmade wooden crate that measures 14 x 10 x 4 inches. On the top of the crate is a shipping label which we can fill in by hand with any name and shipping address you like or we can leave it blank for you to fill in. There are 2 potion labels on the top as well, and the logo which is drawn on with brown marker. The front side has a label also marked "Basilisk Blood", and there are rope handles on each side of the crate for easy transport.

You also get a half letter sized 2 part NCR sales receipt that we will fill in by hand if you like (or leave blank for you). It will have the final price on it but converted to wizarding money. We will stamp "Shipped" and the date on it also.

This one of a kind set would make a very nice Christmas gift for someone! You may also order the Diary alone in wooden crate.

*The tip of the fang is fragile and we have gotten a couple reports of it breaking in transit. If you believe your mail carrier is very hard on packages, you may request a hold for pick up when you order. That way the post office will email you when it arrives and you may pick up from your local post office. Do not place the tip of the fang inside the diary or try to make it stand up inside it as it will break. Please note that this item only ships within the USA.

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