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Angel Investigations Business Cards & Flyer

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Brand: ElfStacy
MPN: elf1004

From one of my favorite shows, Angel, here is my reproduction of the Angel Investigations flyer (with wrong phone number so nobody called them) and a set of business cards. You get 2 each of Angel's (blank), Fred's, Cordelia's, Wesley's, and Charles' business cards OR you can request that all 10 be one custom name (yours or someone you would like to give these as a gift to). You will also receive 2 of the yellow flyers.

*Note the wrong number on the flyer is accurate to the real original prop flyers. The joke of the episode was that it was incorrectly printed so the flyers didn't generate any business. Just wanted to clarify that it's not supposed to match the number on the business cards. 🙂

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