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Adventure Wax Seals (set of 10)

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This set of 10 faux wax seals is perfect for adding a finishing touch to your stationery and correspondence.

The 10 seals will have a glue dot attached to the back of each for quick adhering to your envelope. If you'd like a more permanent seal, we recommend putting a ring of hot glue on the back of the seal and then sticking it on the envelope. If you will be mailing your letter, be sure to place the envelope with the seal inside a larger envelope with a piece of cardstock over the seal so that it won't have any trouble going through the post office's equipment. It's also best to mark the outer envelope "non-machinable" and attach extra postage.

Cullen Crest seals measure about 1.5 inches in diameter. The others are a bit smaller at around 1.25".

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