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*Retro Letter from Santa Claus

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Send someone you love a personalized letter from Santa! We have been helping Santa Claus write to good boys and girls since 1997.

We print on colorful letterhead in a handwriting font, include a small surprise like a sticker or tattoo, and stamp each envelope with a North Pole postmark! These letters bring a lot of happiness to children. The retro style now includes the recipient's address in gold on the label and an embossed gold sticker on the envelope flap of Santa's return address.

Each letter has tons of information. The child will be amazed that Santa knows so much about him or her. We have dozens of different paper designs and surprise inserts, and every person in a household receives a different letter and surprise (when ordered together).

*It will go to the shipping name and address on your order in an outer envelope with tracking. You may take the letter out and put it with your mail or leave it somewhere for the recipient to find.

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