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Harry Potter mini tarot readings!

Walk in customers may now get a mini HP tarot card reading in our Divination classroom from Stasia Trelawney (maybe you’ve heard of her cousin Sybil across the pond?). We will pull 5 to 10 cards for each reading (usually lasts about 5 minutes total). Cost is normally $20 but for a limited time we are doing them for $10 each. #harrypotter #wizardingworld #tarot #tarotreading #divination #fairfieldca

You may book online beforehand or walk in any time at least half hour before we close.

*This is currently only available to walk in customers at our shop in Fairfield, CA. If you are interested in a reading over Zoom, please email us and we will let you know as soon as those are available. 

**For entertainment purposes only. We don’t recommend taking life advice from anyone in the Trelawney family as a rule.