Daily Newspapers for Witches & Wizards

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Choose 1 Daily Newspaper replica. Each measures approximately 11 x 17″ inches closed (22 x 17 inches open), and has gold foil accents in the headline. Printed on recycled paper for durability, there are 9 editions + 1 with custom headline as well as a one page poster of the 1920’s American newspaper. The American one is priced for less since it is a poster with nothing printed on the back side. It measures slightly wider at 11.5 x 17 inches.

1 -Break-in

2 -Escape

3 -Terror at the World Cup

4 -Bulgaria Vs Ireland

5 -Special Edition Tournament

6 -Mass Breakout

7 -Bad Guy Returns

8 -Dark Secrets

9 -New Head of School

10 – Dark Secrets (with your own custom headline)

11 – 1920’s American Poster (Magical Disturbances)

*Note that the foiling process isn’t perfect and there may be areas where the foil didn’t adhere. If ordering the Dark Secrets issue with a custom headline, please note that the new text is not always perfectly centered inside the box as it is run through the printer a second time. It may also be a lighter black than the original ink. If ordering #10 with Custom Headline, please fill in the headline field above.

2 reviews for Daily Newspapers for Witches & Wizards

  1. Beth

    Received my Daily Prophet replicas today and they are stunning! I ordered “Break In” and “Escape” and will be ordering more. The print quality and gold foil detail are beautiful. Best of all, you can open the paper to read the inside or turn it over to read the back; it isn’t just the front cover as so many online are.

    One reviewer commented negatively on the body text, saying it was unreadable. This is true, BUT that is how the original props were as well. The prop designers used a nearly illegible font, knowing that only the headlines would be visible on screen, and that is how these gorgeous replicas appear as well.

    These replicas are the best Harry Potter souvenir I have purchased so far. They bring the Wizarding world into my real world!

  2. L

    I ordered the ‘Break In’ paper and love it! Gold foiling is awesome and the paper quality is great too. I was happily surprised at how much the paper texture mimics the look and feel of the newspaper!

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