Daily Newspapers for Witches & Wizards

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Choose 1 Daily Newspaper replica. Each measures approximately 11 x 17″ inches closed (22 x 17 inches open), and has gold foil accents in the headline. Printed on recycled paper for durability, there are 9 editions + 1 with custom headline as well as a one page poster of the 1920’s American newspaper. The American one is priced for less since it is a poster with nothing printed on the back side. It measures slightly wider at 11.5 x 17 inches.

1 -Break-in

2 -Escape

3 -Terror at the World Cup

4 -Bulgaria Vs Ireland

5 -Special Edition Tournament

6 -Mass Breakout

7 -Bad Guy Returns

8 -Dark Secrets

9 -New Head of School

10 – Dark Secrets (with your own custom headline)

11 – 1920’s American Poster (Magical Disturbances)

*Note that the foiling process isn’t perfect and there may be areas where the foil didn’t adhere. If ordering the Dark Secrets issue with a custom headline, please note that the new text is not always perfectly centered inside the box as it is run through the printer a second time. It may also be a lighter black than the original ink. If ordering #10 with Custom Headline, please fill in the headline field above.

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