Philosopher’s Stone Replica



Mention of the philosopher’s stone in writing can be found as far back as 300 AD. If you are ever in San Jose, California, be sure to stop by the Rosicrucian’s Alchemy Museum to see one of our stones on display there.

Regular: Our regular sized stone is cast in red translucent resin and then we add a few highlights with sand tinted in metallic paints. The stone measures approximately 3″ x 2″ x 2″. It will come to you wrapped in brown paper and tied with brown twine.

Glow in the Dark: Our glow in the dark version has a bit of glow powder mixed in with the red dye. It makes it only slightly less translucent and gives off a slight greenish glow when it’s dark. 

Mini Stone: The mini stone is just like our regular one but in 1:3 scale for 18″ dolls. It is cast in red resin with sand accents, and measures approximately 1 inch x 1.5 inches. It will also come wrapped in brown paper and twine. Mini stone is shown with regular one to show the scale.

The most common properties are the ability to transmute base metals into gold, and the ability to heal all forms of illness and prolong the life of any person who consumes a small part of the stone through an elixir.


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