Divination Class Grim Tea Cup

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This tea cup has the grim drawn at the bottom of the cup in pen and then real tea leaves and/or coffee grounds are glued on. The wet looking areas are resin so it always looks as if the tea had just been drunk. The china pattern on the outside of each cup is different just as the ones in the class were all different. As each grim is done by hand to order, it may differ slightly from the images shown. Note that a saucer is not included. (If we happen to have one that matches the pattern on the cup, we will include it as a free bonus, but this is rare).

*This item is for display only. It is not microwave, dishwasher, or food safe. Nothing should be put inside the cup (especially liquid) as it will ruin the design.

1 review for Divination Class Grim Tea Cup

  1. Marianne G.

    Using this for my cosplay and it’s absolutely perfect! Definitely worth it!

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