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Ribbon Cutting at our New Location!


Thank you so much to everyone who came out for our ribbon cutting ceremony on June 21st and to Margaret and Yolie at the Fairfield Main Street Association for organizing it. We hope all of our customers will visit us soon at 707 Kentucky Street, Fairfield, CA 94533 to see the new digs! We have 4x more space than we did before. While parents browse our personalized greetings from magical beings (or our movie prop replicas, wands, candy, and jewelry), children can listen to the Magical Community Hotline on our general store country phone, write a letter to anyone in the magical world at the children’s writing desk, scan a QR code to play a bingo scavenger hunt game for a prize, or if they’re really brave try out a Bertie Botts or Beanboozled jelly bean. They can place letters to Santa in the big red mail box and flip the switch that turns on the red light to signal Santa to pick up his mail. Letters to the Wizarding World, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Cupid, etc. can be tubed through our magical tube system just installed by Elf James. Visitors of all ages can try out their wand skills at our wand testing station (the only official one in Fairfield, CA). We’ll be open 10am – 2pm everyday except Wednesdays and Fridays.

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Larissa Kosmos’ 3rd Place Letter from Sandman

Why, hello, Jessie!
I’m your friend, the Sandman, who’s been sprinkling you with a pinch of dream sand your whole life—yes, all 8 years, ever since you were a baby. While Santa brings presents for Christmas, I bring dreams to sleeping children—in Fairfield and around the world—all year long.  

I’m writing to tell you that my favorite holiday, the Festival of Sleep, is coming soon! Oh, my stars, I am so excited that I’ve been skipping around in the new fuzzy green slippers that the Easter Bunny gave me for Christmas! The Festival of Sleep is the day when everyone sets aside time to sleep a little extra. Children like you, Tommy, Susie, and Johnny can lie in bed snuggling your stuffed animals a bit longer. You can enjoy resting from your favorite activities, like playing video games, and your chores, like washing the dishes. My moon! With the efforts you put in at Parkhurst Elementary and having earned a spot on the Honor Roll, you deserve to participate in the Festival of Sleep. 

Ready to hear the best part, my boy? The extra sleep we get on this holiday means a chance to have more dreams—delivered by me! (Wait just a moment while I do some skipping!) I’ll be making my way down Main Street and visiting your house. You, Jimmy, and Janie should go to bed early on this special night so you don’t miss out. If Fido and Fluffy want to join the Festival of Sleep, I’ll sprinkle them too!  

Oh, my hooting owls, writing about the Festival of Sleep is making me yawn. It’s almost time for my nap. Yes, Jessie, even the Sandman needs to snooze. (My neighbor, the Tooth Fairy, says I snore, but I’m not sure.)  
See you soon. Sweet dreams!
The Sandman 

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Ana Mendes’ 2nd Place Halloween Letter

Creepy greetings, Jessie!

My name is Gith, Ghost In Training for Halloween, and I’ve got some bad news for you. I’ve been watching over 123 Main Street, Fairfield, so I could haunt your family, but I don’t know if I can do it.

The Wicked Witch says that I’m too soft because I celebrated you earning a spot on the Honor Roll with Underworld cocktails, and Dracula says that I’m worthless because I couldn’t even spook Fido and Fluffy. Maybe they’re right, but how can scare such a good 8-year old boy? You even know how to wash the dishes right!

Have you thought about your costume this year? I hope you have fun trick-or-treating with Jimmy and Janie. If you need ideas for pranks, Poltergeist Paul taught me some good ones.

Do you know that I go to school too? Our Ghost School is nothing like Parkhurst Elementary. For starters, it doesn’t have live people. We get to practice screams and I’ve gotten good at it, but I still haven’t perfected my going through walls technique. It’s fun, but I wish I could have such good friends like Tommy, Susie, and Johnny, and that we could all play video games together. Wouldn’t it be fun? They’ve just released Extremely Dead over here and I think you’d love it!

Well, Halloween is almost here, and I’ve still got a lot to practice. Could you pretend that you’re scared when you feel me? I’ll be running a cold shiver down your spine so you know it’s me. It would be a great help. I don’t want to get fired on my first Halloween!

Your friend,

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Andrea Felcone’s 1st Place Letter from Jack Frost

Dear Jessie,

Hello … burr…. It’s Jack Frost! I love this time of year, when the air gets crisp and Fall begins! I especially love Autumnal Equinox Day! What’s that? Well, the Autumnal Equinox is a day in September when there are even amounts of night and day. (“Equinox” comes from two Latin words that mean “equal” and “night”.) The Autumnal Equinox signals the start of Fall—and the start of my handiwork … frost on your windows, across ponds, and the leaves turning beautiful colors!

Want to know how I change the color of the leaves? It’s a secret, but I’ll tell you and you can tell your siblings—Jimmy and Janie: I use a magical paintbrush given to me by Mother Nature! I’m proud of my work and I will continue to work hard. (Just like you’ve done earning a spot on the Honor Roll! And regularly washing the dishes! Congrats!)

Here’s an insider tip, it’s going to get “nippy” outside, so don’t forget a jacket when you go to Parkhurst Elementary. Then you can play at recess with the other 8-year-olds. What else? I’m also proud of the fern-like patterns I create on windows. (I’m truly an artist, although people focus on my mischievous side!)

Do your friends, Tommy, Susie and Johnny, like to play outside your home at 123 Main Street in Fairfield, California? Or are you just happiest playing video games? I think it’s best outside, especially when I reveal all those gorgeous colors. Soon, I’ll be “nipping at your nose”! Best to get outside now while you can!

Maybe after you finish your chores, you can play with Fido and Fluffy—outside? That reminds me, I promised Mother Nature I’d do some more yardwork, so …

“Bye” for now!  
Jack Frost  

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2018 Writing Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered our first contest! We received almost 500 entries and the amount of talent was amazing. It was incredibly difficult choosing the winners, but here they are!


1st place and $500

Andrea Felcone, United States (Jack Frost)

2nd place and $250

Ana Mendes, Portugal (Halloween)

3rd place and $100

Larissa Kosmos, United States (Sandman)


Honorable Mention Awards ($25 each):

Eric Lewis, United States (Sandman)

Abby Epplett, United States (Cupid)

Michelle Paxon, United States (Leprechaun)

Kathy Jeffords, United States (Easter Bunny)

Munira Tabassum Ahmend, Australia (Mother Nature)

Xenia Weakly, United States (Father Time)

Emma Lehman, Canada (Uncle Sam)

Jaclyn Dietz, United States (Tooth Fairy)

Kelsey Hontz, United States (Jack Frost)

Tricia Lowther, United Kingdom (Halloween entity)

Sandra Roth, United States (Tom Turkey)

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Elf James won an autographed Harry Potter photo!

We’re so excited that Elf James won a photograph autographed by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. It recently arrived complete with Certificate of Authenticity, and it’s now framed and hanging in our Magical Mail Office in downtown Fairfield, CA. Residents of Solano County, now you can view this item as well as our screen used Hogwarts letter when you visit us!