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Larissa Kosmos’ 3rd Place Letter from Sandman

Why, hello, Jessie!
I’m your friend, the Sandman, who’s been sprinkling you with a pinch of dream sand your whole life—yes, all 8 years, ever since you were a baby. While Santa brings presents for Christmas, I bring dreams to sleeping children—in Fairfield and around the world—all year long.  

I’m writing to tell you that my favorite holiday, the Festival of Sleep, is coming soon! Oh, my stars, I am so excited that I’ve been skipping around in the new fuzzy green slippers that the Easter Bunny gave me for Christmas! The Festival of Sleep is the day when everyone sets aside time to sleep a little extra. Children like you, Tommy, Susie, and Johnny can lie in bed snuggling your stuffed animals a bit longer. You can enjoy resting from your favorite activities, like playing video games, and your chores, like washing the dishes. My moon! With the efforts you put in at Parkhurst Elementary and having earned a spot on the Honor Roll, you deserve to participate in the Festival of Sleep. 

Ready to hear the best part, my boy? The extra sleep we get on this holiday means a chance to have more dreams—delivered by me! (Wait just a moment while I do some skipping!) I’ll be making my way down Main Street and visiting your house. You, Jimmy, and Janie should go to bed early on this special night so you don’t miss out. If Fido and Fluffy want to join the Festival of Sleep, I’ll sprinkle them too!  

Oh, my hooting owls, writing about the Festival of Sleep is making me yawn. It’s almost time for my nap. Yes, Jessie, even the Sandman needs to snooze. (My neighbor, the Tooth Fairy, says I snore, but I’m not sure.)  
See you soon. Sweet dreams!
The Sandman 

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