Pirate Letters of Marque (11″ x 17″)



Large Version: This Letters of Marque was based on images of the real prop from the pirates movie and the original that it was based on from King William III of England. It features a portrait of George I of England. The text was then typed in using a script font very similar to the movie one. (A calligraphy font similar to the one used on William III’s real letter is available if you prefer).

The document is printed in brown sepia tones onto an 11 x 17 inch piece of natural parchment. (Note that this is twice the size of the average letter size paper.) We then add the small 1 x 1.25 inch blue paper tag with a gold foil crown and King George I’s initials (G.R. = George Rex) seen on the upper left. Lastly, Lord Cutler Beckett’s red “B” faux wax seal near his name and King George’s “crown” green faux wax seal near his name make this document complete. In the movie, Beckett shows the Letters of Marque to Will Turner. He wants Will to offer them to Captain Jack in exchange for his compass. The name at the bottom (commissioning the Captain) has not been filled in yet in the movie. We can leave it blank for you to fill in later or if you like, we will print any name you like in that area in an old time handwriting font.

Please let us know if you would like a name filled in on the bottom line, if you would like the edges tea-stained, and the font you would like:

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