Letter from Santa Claus (retro)



*This item requires a personalization form. Letters from Santa are mailed with a USPS stamp directly to the recipient’s address on the form and not the one on the payment. Please submit one here:

Send someone you love a personalized letter from Santa! I have been helping Santa Claus write to good boys and girls since 1997.

I print on colorful letterhead in a retro font, include a small surprise like a sticker or tattoo, and send all the letters to North Pole, Alaska for an authentic postmark! These letters bring a lot of happiness to children. Order in the month of November for the real North Pole postmark. Orders placed in other months will have a faux North Pole postmark from a rubber stamp, but it still looks very real! (The faux postmark is what is shown in the photos). This version comes in a red or green envelope with the recipient’s name and address in gold. It also has an embossed gold seal of Santa’s return address on the envelope flap. (Note one of the photos shows the address in black, but all now come with the gold name and address included.)

Each letter has tons of information. The child will be amazed that Santa knows so much about him or her.

I have dozens of different paper designs and surprise inserts, and every person in a household receives a different letter and surprise. All letters going to the same household will ship in the same envelope so they will all arrive together and there is no possibility that the postal service will lose or delay one.


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