Chocolate Factory Contract – Digital



Here is my reproduction of the giant Contract used in the original 1971 film in .pdf format. I used as much of the real text as I could make out as shown on the 40th anniversary dvd set and a screen shot of the one in the movie. I had to make up the smallest text as best I could. I printed this out at 44″ x 56″ for my son’s birthday party and that is the size I offer here. You should be able to take it to a place like Kinko’s/FedEx, Staples, or Office Max to have them print it out for you at any size you wish or you can print it out on several small pages and glue them together like a puzzle.

For our party, we added a ribbon and wax seal – that is why there is a blank area on the bottom right. We also took gold leaf and adhered it inside the big “W”. You will need to add those to complete your contract if you’d like it to be as authentic as possible.
Note that the text was done with a computer font while the rest was hand drawn. The text will look clearer that the decorative elements simply for this reason (parts done by hand vs. text typed). I am not an artist. I am simply a mother who recreated this for her son and offer it here to save you the trouble. Note that the listing is priced accordingly.

*BONUS: Paris Themmen asked us to modify the design to include 1 large signature box at the bottom and we did. Since then several customers have asked for the same modification, so we have attached that design here as well in .pdf. You will receive the original with 2 signature boxes and room for the wax seal with ribbon and you will also receive the design with 1 large signature box as a free extra.

By purchasing this item you agree to use it only for private use: birthday parties, special events, theater productions, and as a decoration are all OK. Commercial use, selling or sharing this design, or offering it online is not permitted. Note we do not offer refunds on digital files. and the pdfs are not editable. Thanks!


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