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*Acceptance letters to wizarding school require a personalization form. Please submit one here:

This is for an acceptance letter to ANY wizarding school you wish. The basic package includes the first page, second page of books and equipment, envelope, and wax seal. You may also select an upgraded package for a foiled purple bus ticket, travel ticket, or both bus and travel tickets. You will enter the name of the school as well as the Head of School’s name and title. We will choose an appropriate crest, font color, wax seal, and travel ticket (if applicable) based on the information you enter.

You will have several options on the form. The early version will say the student has been pre-approved for acceptance. The late version will add an apology post script to the bottom of the letter. You can even select a late version to ask someone to prom or to marry you! If you choose the Dead Letter version, the envelope will have additional markings as if it has been lost in the mail since the 11th birthday. Be sure to use the information for the student at age 11 and do not use titles such as “Mrs.” or “Dr.” unless they had that title then.

*Unfortunately, most of the fonts we use for our items do not have the special characters used in many languages such as accent marks, tildes, cedillas, etc. We apologize for the inconvenience and promise to use them whenever possible, but we may need to use a different font than the ones shown in our photos. If you absolutely want the fonts shown, please leave off the special characters when filling out the form.

If you are looking for an acceptance letter to a fictional school that doesn’t focus on wizardry, please see our listing for a 1 page Custom Acceptance Letter which does not include the list of books and equipment.

73 reviews for Acceptance Letter to Wizarding School

  1. Frances

    My daughter turns 11 on the 25th of April, the website said it’ll be in between the 17th and 27th, and I was surprised to learn that it came in well before the date. So…. I have it hidden and on the morning of the 25th, I’m going to sneak it out to the mailbox and get her to check the box… eeek, I’m so excited she is going to flip out!!!

  2. Brittanie Walsh

    My brother loved his letter. Easy to do, but so perfect. He will probably frame it before he frames his BA degree.

  3. Raymond

    Bought the Acceptance Letter for my boy’s eleventh birthday and he was in Shock and Aw when he got it ! He absolutely loved it and really thought we were going to London (oops).
    The letter is really beautiful. Thank you.
    It took 2 weeks to deliver to The Netherlands, pretty much standard for a letter without urgency.

    All that was missing was the live owl to deliver it! 🙂

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