Mini Cauldron Set for 18″ Dolls



For the wizarding fan in your life who is also an 18″ Doll lover! Now her doll can attend wizarding school with her!

This set contains a mini school acceptance letter including the second sheet of books and equipment, train ticket, and envelope. All are addressed to Ginny or Hermione. If you would like the letter personalized please check out our other listing for the custom version.

In addition, you get our mini philosopher’s stone wrapped in brown paper and twine as well as a mini envelope to the Head Goblin, a little black plastic cauldron, and a paper wand that has been painted brown and accented with gold faux wax. The tip has a dot of glow-in-the-dark faux wax so that if charged in the light for at least 30 minutes it will glow!

Lastly, included are 5 tiny potion vials with labels. In the photos, you can see that I filled the bottles with red, orange, yellow, green, and blue colored water. I put one drop of food coloring into approximately 1 cup of water to get the light colors. I used a tiny funnel to fill the bottles, but you could also use an eye dropper. I no longer ship with the bottles filled because I have had reports than they leak in transit. One of my customers told me she filled them with different colors of glitter, which would be very pretty and magical looking.

Each of these items is 1:3 scale…just the right size for an 18″ doll. These would also be great for scrapbooking.


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