All 12 Educational Decrees Wizarding Proclamations printable .pdf files



Remember all those Educational Decrees that the horrid new Headmistress was posting at your favorite wizarding school? Now you can have all 12 pdf files to print your own or take them to a printer. Included in this zip file are .pdfs of:

#22 Government will appoint a Professor,

#23 High Inquisitor,

#24 Student Groups are Disbanded,

#25 High Inquisitor dictates punishments,

#26 Teachers banned from giving info,

#27 Possession of magazine,

#28 New Headmistress,

#29a Extracurricular Activities

29b Caretaker Dictates Punishments,

#30 No Music,

#82 Students Must Subject to Questioning,

#98 Inquisitorial Squad.

*Your download will be a good quality large file without the watermark in the bottom right corner. However, please note that the file is being offered ONLY for personal use. Any commercial use, selling, or sharing the file is prohibited.


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