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Small Pirates of the Caribbean Letters of Marque


This is a small version of our Pirate Letter of Marque. For the large 11 x 17 size, please see our other listings.

My husband hand drew the top portion of this Letter of Marque based on images of the real prop from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and the original that it was based on from King William III of England. It features a portrait of George I of England. The text was then typed in using a calligraphy font.

The document is printed in brown sepia tones onto an 8 x 10.5 inch piece of natural parchment. We then add the small 1 x 1.25 inch blue paper tag with a gold foil crown and King George I's initials (G.R. = George Rex) seen on the upper left. Lastly, Lord Cutler Beckett's red "B" faux wax seal near his name and King George's "crown" green faux wax seal near his name make this document complete. We prefer to use faux sealing wax as it is flexible and long lasting whereas real wax has a tendency to crack and break apart. We have darkened the edges with tea stain, and adhered the parchement to a letter sized dark brown piece of paper. It is folded into thirds and then banded with another thin dark brown strip which has the East India Company's logo in gold foil just like the blue paper tag of King George's.

We will personalize this with any name you like for the Captain. The pictures show the one we have made into a birthday invitation (available in another listing), but the text you will receive is this:

"To our trusty and well beloved Capt. Robert Kidd, Greeting: whereas we are informed, that wicked and ill-disposed persons, against the law of nations, commit many and great piracies, robberies and depredations on the seas to the great hindrance and discouragement of trade and navigation, now know ye, that we being desirous to prevent the aforesaid mischiefs, and as much as in us lies, to bring the said pirates, free-booters and sea-rovers to justice, have thought fit, and do hereby give and grant to the said Robert Kidd, full

power and authority to apprehend, seize, and take into your custody all such pirates, free-booters, and sea-rovers, being either our subjects, or of other nations associated with them, which you shall meet with upon the seas or coasts, with all their ships and vessels, and all such merchandizes, money, goods, and wares as shall be found on board, or with them, in case they shall willingly yield themselves; but if they will not yield without fighting, then you are by force to compel them to yield. And we do hereby strictly charge and command you, as you will answer the contrary at your peril, that you do not, in any manner, offend or molest our friends or allies, their ships or subjects, by colour or pretence of these presents, or the authority thereby granted.

In witness whereof, we have caused our great seal

of England to be affixed to these presents."

Please let us know what name you would like in the place of "Captain Robert Kidd".

Personalization for Captain's Name:

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