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Personalized Deluxe Santa Letter Scroll in Candy Cane Tube


Our deluxe letter from Santa Claus is printed in red or green ink in a calligraphy font onto natural parchment measuring 11 x 17 inches. Twice as large as the normal letter on 8.5 x 11! It is then rolled into a scroll and wrapped in a green satin ribbon which has the "Official Santa Seal" in red wax accented with gold highlights. You also get a 4" plastic test tube of Magic Reindeer Food as the surprise enclosure. All is placed in a white mailing tube wrapped in red stripes to resemble the peppermint candy that is so popular at the North Pole!

Fill out your child's information using our regular Santa Letter Form  if you haven't already. Note that a real North Pole postmark is not available for scrolls, and tubes going outside the US have to have a customs label instead of the shipping label seen in the photo.

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