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Superman Green Kryptonite in Wooden Crate


My husband makes this replica prop for fans of Superman. You get a green kryptonite rock cast from resin measuring approximately 4 inches long. It is packed in straw inside a handmade wooden crate that measures 6 x 6 x 4 inches. On one side of the crate is a shipping label which we will leave blank for you to fill in with any name and address you like. There are 2 radioactive warning labels on the sides as well, and another warning label which you can fill in with Kryptonite's properties. The Lexcorp logo is drawn on the top of the crate with marker.

You also get a half letter sized 2 part NCR packing list that explains a little bit about the properties of the kryptonite. This one of a kind set would make a very nice Christmas gift for someone!

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