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Harry Potter Howler Birthday or Wedding Invitations - 12


You get 12 invitations printed on parchment measuring 4.25 x 11 inches. You also get 12 reply cards on parchment cardstock measuring 3.5 x 5 inches with 12 red reply envelopes which will have your address on the labels. Everything is placed into invitation sized A2 red envelopes which will be wrapped in red ribbon and have label with your guests names and addresses on them. To complete the invitation, there will be a gold faux wax 'W" seal on each just like the regular howlers. We recommend that you purchase one of our howlers to see the quality before placing a large order.

Please use the contact form in the sidebar of this page to send us:

The text for the invitation and the reply by date for the reply card

What you would like printed on the reply envelope labels.

Your guests names and addresses if you would like us to print them. If you would like them blank so you can fill them out by hand, just let us know.

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