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Wonka Edible Tea Cups, Gobstoppers, and Candy Bars

Posted by writtenbysanta on August 31, 2012 at 4:25 PM

For my son's Wonka themed birthday, I wanted to have the candy from the original movie, but couldn't find any good advice online as to how to make them. I found an original 1971 Wonka candy bar mold on eBay that was a cereal promotion back when the movie first came out. It was a godsend! The mold has one tray for small versions of the regular bar, the Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar, a mini bar, and a circular one maybe for a mini Fudgemallow? I got Wiltons meltable chocolates and it was fairly easy to mold them (remember to tap the tray against the countertop a few times to get out the bubbles). I then got aluminum foil from the Dollar Store (it's thinner like real candy foil) and printed out my own wrappers.

I wanted to have a yellow edible tea cup like the one Willy Wonka takes a bite out of and found two tea cup and saucer candy molds on Amazon.com. I used the cup from one and the saucer from the other (which looked more flower-like). I poured the yellow candy metls into the mold and swished it all around so it just coated the mold and put that in the freezer. I then put one more layer on just to make it really solid.

I put everlasting gobstoppers inside the cups, wrapped them in cellophane and tied them with a tag that said "You can even eat the dishes". To make the gobstoppers, I dipped mini marshmallows into red, green, blue, and yellow candy melts. After they were set I took a plain mini marshmallow and attached 6 of the coated ones to it with a dab of melted chocolate. I had wanted to stuff the cups with a little edible grass like you find at Easter too, but sadly couldn't find any in July. Hope you have fun making your own!

If you'd like to use my "You can even eat the dishes" tag, you may download it here: dishes.jpg. (For personal use only. You may not sell it or use it for any commercial use.)

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